Capital 8'x11' Rectangular In-Ground

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Capital Play's 11x8ft In-Ground is a popular medium-size rectangular trampoline. This high quality in-ground trampoline kit comes with everything you need for easy DIY installation in your own back yard. It’s rectangular shape is great for fitting neatly into a corner with little wasted space.

  • A complete kit - This in-ground trampoline kit comes with the trampoline and pads, purpose built retaining wall (which stops the soil falling back into the hole) and clear instructions.
  • Quality bounce - Capital Play's In-ground Trampolines have an excellent bounce and only use high quality commercial grade springs
  • Great fun - Owning a trampoline is a sure way to get the kids outside and away from those screens!
  • Innovative technology - Capital Play is the only licensed authorized manufacturer allowed to use Trampolines Down Under’s patented vented pad technology - all the air escapes through the padding, ensuring a brilliant bounce and eliminating pad slap noise.
  • Your net options - The beauty of an in-ground trampoline is that you don’t need a net at all! However, Capital Play also offer a range of net options, including full, half and quarter nets to suit your needs.
  • Easy to do - Capital Play's in-ground trampolines are designed to be easily installed yourself. Our website offers some great videos and tips for installation.
Product Description
This top of range trampoline kit is specifically designed for in-ground use and is easy to install. The kit is designed for DIY use and comes with excellent instructions.
Capital In-ground Made in Europe A quality trampoline is a safe trampoline
The quality of Capital Play's in-ground trampolines is of the upmost importance.Capital Play has carefully selected the highest quality component parts and materials. Their European manufacturing process includes an extremely high level of quality control and product testing.
Capital In-ground Steel Frame The Trampoline Frame
Made from thick galvanized steel the frame is extremely strong and designed to be under the ground for many years.
Capital In-ground Retaining Wall The wall that retains the soil
Capital Play's design kit comes with a 4mm thick recycled plastic wall, which can be attached to the frame easily using the pre-drilled holes and the screws provided.
Capital In-ground Vented Pads TDU Vented Safety Pad
The patented Trampolines Down Under vented safety pad allows proper airflow through the pad eliminating 'pad slap' noise, which can occur with other in-ground trampolines, and greatly improves the bounce quality.
Capital In-ground Springs Commercial Grade Springs
A quality spring will give a better bounce – and last longer! Capital Play has been in the business of trampolines for 17 years – we have selected a high quality 8.5” commercial grade spring for their in-ground trampolines which are double-dip galvanized to protect against rusting and stretching of the springs.
Capital In-ground Spring Protection Spring Guard
There is an extra piece of material sewn onto the outside of the jump mat to provide additional coverage of the springs, this is called a spring guard.

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