Moon Walk

Moon walking for the general public may not be available yet. However, your kids can take a stroll on their very own imaginary moon any time they want with our popular Moon Walk Wood Swing Set. Loaded with everything budding astronauts need, like double decks, a playhouse space ship, a wobbly bridge, three different swings (including a glider, a belt swing and a trapeze) and turbo and wave slides, your kiddos can blast off into a world of play and fun!


Border Needed
Rubber Mulch Needed
5 Ton
Wood Mulch Needed
15 Cubic Yards
Weed Guard Needed
1250 Square Feet
Total Space Needed
26' x 48'

This Model Includes

4' x 8' Double Deck, 6' x 6' Playhouse w/ 2' x 6' Deck
Wobbly Bridge
7' Turbo Slide, 10' Wave Slide
7' Rock Climbing Wall/Ladder Combo, Staircase
4' x 4' and 6' x 6' (39 Bags of Sand Needed)
Roof Type
Asphalt and Plastic
Swings Beam
3 Position 10' High Beam, 3 Position Monkey Bar
Swings / Rides
Plastic Glider, Trapeze, 3 Belt Swings, Infant Bucket
Fire Pole, Picnic Table, 2 Telescopes, 2 Ship Wheels, Bubble Panel, Tic-Tac-Toe

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